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Bishop Matthew C. Haskell, Jr.

Profound Preacher, Prolific Teacher, Passionate Worshipper, and Prophetic Leader are just a few words to describe the Ambassador of Excellence himself, Bishop Matthew C. Haskell Jr.  Bishop Haskell was educated at The Philadelphia Montgomery Christian Academy, The Community College of Philadelphia, The Eastern Baptist Theological School of Ministry, and The Philadelphia Theological Seminary.  His education has not stopped there.  Bishop Haskell is a voracious reader and being properly educated in the Word of God has always been a top priority for him.  This is evident in his demand of his spiritual sons and daughters to not just study the word of God, but to be disciples of His Word.

Bishop Haskell has been pastoring for over 27 years.  He is the Senior Pastor of Prevailing Church International (PCI), a multi-cultural body which is one church in two locations; Philadelphia, PA and New Castle, DE.  PCI is a Word of Faith and Fire church with a foundation of love.  Its chief goal is to be the church like none other and it’s the church where the misfits fit.  Bishop and PCI are dearly loved because unjust judgment is checked at the door and everyone is welcome to experience a deep abiding love for God and for one another.

Bishop Haskell is unwavering in his attention to detail in every area of ministry, which embodies the apostolic anointing that rests on his life.  He is unrelenting in his pursuit of saving souls and stamping out sin.  Bishop’s mandate is to be more spiritual and to trust the Word of God because the Word Works.  His insatiable appetite for the Word is evident in the way he disseminates information from the Word God in a way that is understandable to everyone under the sound of his voice.  Bishop Matthew C. Haskell Jr. is a force to be reckoned with and he is never defeated!

Bishop Haskell is honored to be in the pastoral and episcopal lineage of Pastor Matthew C. Haskell, Sr. , Dr. S. Amos Brackeen, Dr. Charles Walker, Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Apostle Ralph E. Green, Bishop William L. Bonner, and Bishop I.V. Hilliard. These men have poured into Bishop Haskell, and he credits them for leaving an indelible impression upon his life that has shaped many different facets of his life.
Bishop Haskell is happily married to Pastor Monica Haskell and is the proud father of four children: Lauren Nicole, (Eddie Seaton), Shawn Eric and Matthew Christian III.

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