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Pastor Monica Haskell, known simply as PM, is the wife of Bishop Matthew C. Haskell. Jr.  Pastor and Founder of The Prevailing Church International. Devoted to the vision of the ministry, she assists her husband with a variety of duties to assure that his God-given mandate is carried out.

A powerful and anointed teacher in her own right, Pastor Monica has the same emphasis in ministering as her husband and Pastor, which is faith, family, finance and future.  Pastor Monica is the site pastor of Prevailing Church Philly Campus and is also over the women's ministry of Prevailing Churches.

She has risen to international prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness.  It is a message she has learned from her own life and one she is helping others apply to their lives.  Utilizing powerful delivery and emerging insights, Pastor Monica's unique presentation will teach, inspire, and empower all who hear her to new levels of achievement.

In addition to being a preacher, Pastor Monica is a successful CEO of PM GLOBAL:

Which includes: PM University, H.E.R. School of Women in Ministry, PM Publishing, and Speak life Cosmetics her very own makeup line. Pastor Monica's authored several books and has been featured in numerous publications.

The Haskell's are the proud parents of four children Lauren Nicole, Eddie Seaton, Shawn Eric and Matthew Christian III who all work alongside them in ministry.

Pastor Monica Haskell

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